Small Business Help

What we OWN.

Hosting your site on our OWN servers.
Server/Computer ownership. 100%
Small Business Webmaster
Yours or ours. We be your webmaster. 95%
Webdesign and publication
Inhouse webdesign and build 90%
Search Engine Optimisation
SEO Expertise and fixing 85%

Business Online

Getting your business online is the next step in business growth evolution. You can do it yourself, if you do who is running the business?

Trust our team to get your business online.

We build your site, have it hosted on our OWN servers. We do webdesign, build the online shop and help you to get found. Get found online is not easy, especially in todays world. Every business is online, using social media, google business and several other tools.

As part of our webdesign or online shop we include On Page search engine optimisation. That should give you a good start, most webdesign companies will charge you extra for that. .

Once you online it does not stop there.

Cool, so now you have your shop or website online…. that is the simple part. Webdesign online or the drag and drop website builders just stop there. We take it a step further, actually SEVERAL STEPS. 

  • We ensure we have full control over the webservers (big computers). So no excuses.
  • Providing help to small businesses, one of the founders has a background in business consulting. This comes in very handy.
  • The websites are designed to be functional, and to the point. Especially focused on the mobile users.
  • We research your business, check how and if we can help. If we believe we cannot help you with our goal to get found online, we will decline working with you.