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We have an online support system that we encourage you to use. It is here to support you and to help you. Using the support system prevents messages from getting lost, gives you and us more flexibility and it can be used to track our performance. 

1. Improved Customer Experience: Our support system provides you with a convenient way to seek help and assistance whenever you face issues or have questions. 

2. 24/7 Availability: Our online support system can operate around the clock, allowing you to reach out for help at any time, regardless of your business’s working hours. 

3. Efficient Issue Resolution: Using our online support system, you can categorise and prioritise support tickets based on their urgency and complexity. This enables our team to address critical issues quickly, leading to faster resolution times.

4. Centralized Communication: The support systems provide a centralised platform for all customer communication. This reduces the chances of missed or lost messages, ensuring that every inquiry is addressed.

How does it work?

If you use it for the first time, you can continue as a guest and enter your email address. This then will send you an email where you confirm that you are who you are, after that you can create a ticket. 

After you log in, you will see this form, your user details are automatically entered, all you have to do is: 

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Support Local Businesses.

Dayboro Local Businesses Support

Why Dayboro Should Rally Behind Local Businesses: A Call to Action

G’day, Dayboro residents! As the proud locals of the “Town of Yesteryear,” we all share a deep sense of community and heritage. It’s this very spirit that makes Dayboro unique, and it’s high time we channel this energy into supporting our local businesses. Here’s why it’s crucial for us to shop local and how the Dayboro Directory can help.

5 Key Reasons to Support Local Businesses

1. Boost the Local Economy

When you spend money at a local business, that money circulates within the community. It helps create jobs and keeps our neighbours employed. Local companies often source their goods locally, further fueling our economy.

Supporting local businesses as part of the local postcode initiatives directly and positively impacts the local economy. According to the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, small businesses contribute around $418 billion to Australia’s GDP, accounting for nearly 40% of the country’s economic output.

2. Preserve Dayboro’s Unique Character

Our local businesses give Dayboro its distinct flavour. From the charming cafes to the artisanal shops, these establishments make our town a special place to live and visit.

According to an Australian Local Government Association report, 70% of Australians believe local businesses are vital to preserving local identity.

Cultural Heritage

Local businesses often sell products or offer services that reflect the town’s culture and history. They contribute to the local flavour that makes Dayboro distinct from other places.

Tourist Attraction

Unique local businesses make a town more attractive to tourists. Tourism Research Australia reports that cultural and heritage tourism contributes significantly to local economies, and Dayboro’s unique character is a part of that.

In summary, local businesses are not just commercial establishments but cultural landmarks contributing to Dayboro’s unique identity. By supporting them, we’re preserving the very essence of what makes our town unique.

Choose local, choose Dayboro, and let’s keep our community unique and vibrant.

3. Personalised Service

Local business owners know their customers by name and offer personalised services that big chains can’t match. They’re more likely to go the extra mile to meet your needs.

4. Community Investment

Local businesses are more likely to support community events, schools, and charities. They’re not just businesses but our neighbours and friends who care about Dayboro as much as we do.

5. Environmental Benefits

Shopping locally reduces the need for long car trips or deliveries from out-of-town vendors, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

What Happens If We Don’t Support Local Businesses?

1. Loss of Local Jobs

Without local patronage, businesses may be forced to shut down, leading to job losses and unemployment in Dayboro.

Let’s support first jobs for our younger generation. Local businesses often provide the first employment opportunities for young people through part-time or casual jobs. These early work experiences are crucial for skill development and future employability. According to the Australian Government’s Labour Market Information Portal, the youth unemployment is already a concern, hovering around 13.5% nationally as of 2021. A decline in local businesses would e

2. Erosion of Community Spirit

Closing local businesses can lead to a loss of community identity and the unique characteristics that make Dayboro special. We see this erosion happening by the lack of participation in volunteer activities like Dayboro Day and Dayboro Show. We here at HELP4BIS supporting the Dayboro Lions by maintaining the online Dayboro Business Director, as part of that work we also seen a decline in businesses. 

The decline or closure of local businesses doesn’t just have economic repercussions; it also erodes the fabric of community spirit that makes Dayboro unique. According to an Australian Community Trends Report survey, 80% of Australians believe that community spirit is crucial for their well-being. However, the same report indicates that only 56% of people feel a strong sense of community in their local area. The decline of local businesses could further exacerbate this gap.

3. Reduced Community Investment

Less money in the local economy means fewer funds for public services, schools, and community events.

The decline of local businesses directly impacts community investment, both in terms of financial contributions and volunteer efforts. According to Philanthropy Australia, small businesses contribute significantly to local charities, schools, and community events. In fact, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Australia donate around $8.5 billion annually to various charitable causes. Th Local businesses are often the primary sponsors for community events, sports teams, and local charities. Their financial contributions help maintain public spaces, fund community programs, and support local initiatives. A decline in local businesses would mean fewer sponsors and donors, leading to underfunded community activities.

4. Increased Environmental Impact

Shopping from out-of-town or online retailers increases carbon emissions due to transportation and shipping. With so many CO2-conscious people in town claiming that Global Warming is caused by humans and in particular driving cars. 

According to the Australian Conservation Foundation, transportation is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia, accounting for around 18% of the total emissions. When we opt for out-of-town or online retailers, we contribute to this figure by necessitating long-haul deliveries and personal car trips.

Choosing to shop locally minimizes the need for goods to be transported over long distances, thereby reducing carbon emissions. Local businesses often source their products locally, further reducing the transportation footprint.

5. Decline in Property Values

A thriving local economy boosts property values. The opposite is also true; a declining local economy can negatively impact property values.

How the Dayboro Directory Can Help

The Dayboro Directory, part of the larger website, is a fantastic resource for discovering local businesses. From trades and services to dining and entertainment, it’s your one-stop shop for Dayboro. 

Using this directory means you’re not just finding a service but supporting a neighbour.


Dayboro, it’s time to rally behind our local businesses. Let’s keep our community vibrant, unique, and sustainable. The next time you think of going out-of-town or shopping online, remember the Dayboro Directory and make the local choice.

Let’s keep Dayboro the “Town of Yesteryear” for generations to come.

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