Who are we?

Our mission is to help businesses in all shapes and sizes by providing the necessary support and guidance. We provide tools and resources to help entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises navigate the changing business landscape.

We help businesses succeed even in difficult times. They know that every business is different, but they have services for all industries. They can help you make a great website, choose the best hosting, and have successful digital ads. They can also help you plan for the future so that your business will succeed in the long run. They want to be more than just helpers, they want to be partners in your success!

Our Team

At the heart of our success is a team of passionate and experienced specialists dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. We value collaboration and work closely with businesses to understand their unique challenges and opportunities, allowing us to craft personalized solutions that align with their vision.

With a wealth of experience and knowledge, we have the resources to create meaningful connections and tap into networks when needed. Our team includes a Business Architect, who authored business architecture handbooks, who will quickly get a grasp of your objectives. We have web admins (Webmasters) with qualifications in all web hosting and design areas.

This dedicated team is led by the incredibly talented artist and graphic designer Danielle Latta, founder of RDS.INK.

We are proud to have a team that possesses exceptional skills and unwavering dedication to providing outstanding service and support to our clients. Join us on the journey to success!

Our Services

We offer extensive services tailored to help businesses overcome obstacles and reach their full potential. These include:

  1. WordPress hosting: your website will be hosted on the latest hardware in Brisbane, Queensland. No overseas stuff; your money stays in AU, and you are charged in AUD (not USD as most do)
  2. WordPress design: we design your website, do the customisation and keep an eye on it, unlike others who design your website and host it with someone else. We are the only ones you need to contact.
  3. E-commerce: If you want to sell online, not a problem. We build it for you. You manage and maintain your inventory. We manage and maintain the rest. 
  4. Non-BIAS: we are not afraid to host our freedom group website. We are doing a lot of work with ANCOP and their partners. If your cause is fair, then we welcome you to our platform. 
  5. E-Mail: email is part of your subscription. We adopt a fair use policy like all others, but that is not all. We ensure your email is secure, your spam is at a minimum, and we tell you if emails are not going through. We also offer BIMI. (at a small one-off charge)

Why Choose Help4Bis?

Simple, we maintain that every enterprise possesses the capacity to prosper. Our client-focused method guarantees that you obtain personalised backing and direction tailored explicitly to your business prerequisites. With our extensive proficiency and expertise in various industries, we are confident that we can help your enterprise flourish and attain new zeniths.

Join the Help4Bis community today and commence your journey to business triumph with a team that shares your enthusiasm for growth. Together, let us transform your business aspirations into reality.

Contact us today.