With the fallout from the coronavirus its more important than ever to be online

As of now all new full website design package options have been cancelled to allow for this landing page offer, so we can help as many people as possible

No upfront lump sums – First year reduced from $29 to just $19 per month for the first year

This is for a landing page site, It will be your face to the customer now that you cannot be there in person, and focus on your hero product/purpose/service

HELP4BIS low cost high quality

Why I need a Landing Page –  Examples:

Create blog posts to stay connected with your customers

Hero a product that you can leave on the doorstep

Put a special café menu up for door drop deliveries

Use this time to harness your social media and have this place for them to go for more info

Put up a calendar with your availability for phone/skype consultancies.

We will do our best to get you there in a week*

Its your partner and your best friend, promoting the best of you while you are not even looking.


All prices listed are based upon a Landing Page specialised website. Larger sites are not undertaken at this time. This is purely to help businesses stay afloat.

After a year you will have the option to redesign and add to the page if needed, reverting back to the standard price ($29/m)for redesign for that year and a 2 or 3 year tied pricing contract will come into play depending on the extent of the redesign.

Hero product(one product) shop function available, standard booking systems with limited option(can pay to add if needed), blogs etc are subject to the customer needs.

*two weeks at the most once we have all your relevant information. We take on as many clients as we can take for the week.