Website Hosting, the engine room of your website and web pages

It is not about space, bandwidth, email accounts it is about make it work for YOU.

You will see a lot of web host providers quoting the amount of Gb, space, bandwidth and the like. This only makes it harder and confusing. How would YOU know how much you need?

If you do not design your web pages or have no idea how many visitors you will get, then why would you worry about the space you need. We look after all of that, all we believe you should worry about is the content of the website and what emails you want.

Some months you use more some months you use less, you do not pay for space or bandwidth with us.

(A fair policy applies, you will get notified if you abuse this policy. Our servers will have more than sufficient space for you to grow)

Fair use policy

Any CARD products will have fair use policy, this means you do not have to worry about how much space you need. If it is available you can use it, within reason.

Wordpress sites

All DIY plans have a benchmark limit, if you go over a bit well that is ok. If you keep going over a bit, then we will let you know to move to a higher plan. Unlike other providers we will NOT stop your page from being accessed. NO BANDWIDTH LIMIT IS REACHED type messages.


Our servers are managed and maintained by highly qualified people. All of them are industry qualified, this means they site vendor exams every YEAR. This ensures they are up to date with the knowledge you can expect them to have.