Design a website starts with getting the web pages build.

It is like writing a book….. try something, trash it, try something, trash it, try something………. STOP.

We attempted to talk you out of needing a Web Site, and we failed…..

So here we are, we met, we like each other and believe we can work in harmony, to get the best result for your business and website.

By now you realise that we do not sell web pages, we sell a full service and are the closed we can be to a business partner.

Exciting times, we will collect information from you like text, photos and if applicable product information. Each web page design will have a minimum of four pages, like:-

  • Home Page (index page or landing page) this page is like your shop front or your flyer. It catches the audience.

  • Services Page, this is where we list your products or services.

  • About Us, this page is all about WHO YOU ARE.

  • Contact Page, how can visitors get in contact with you.

To design a website or even web pages require a lot of different skill sets, we have all of them in house.

Everybody can design a good web page, it requires a different skill set to build a web page design that gets found on Google and make it look great.

 Keep in mind, what is on the pages is YOUR wordings, we will NOT publish any pages until you APPROVE of them.


Visualisation.Lets get your artwork, logo's, photo's and drawings you might like. If they are on paper we need to get them ready for the web page.

Client & Copyright

All content on our sites will be reviewed on copyright, this applies to text, images and drawings. We do this to protect you and to prevent Google from getting angry at you :-).

Look and Feel.

Most of the recognition comes from the "look and feel", this means we need to make sure that the company colours online match your printed media. The logo must be recognisable allowing for sub-concious association with your brand, media and services.